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Report Potential Security Vulnerability

Symantec's commitment to information security

Note: For account-related issues, such as an alert you received or problems accessing your account, please use our Member Support Center.

Digital security threats continue to evolve and we welcome the responsible disclosure of potential bugs, security issues, or vulnerabilities to improve our security risk posture. To report a technical security issue, such as a vulnerability, please email



Symantec is committed to resolving security vulnerabilities in our products quickly and responsibly. We take the appropriate steps to minimize customer risk, provide timely information, and deliver vulnerability fixes and mitigations to address security threats in Symantec software, and in LifeLock product offerings.

As a founding member of the Organization for Internet Safety (OIS), Symantec is committed to following the Responsible Disclosure guidelines developed by OIS and described in ISO 29417 for externally reported vulnerabilities in Symantec products. These guidelines encourage open communication between finders and vendors, clarify responsibilities between parties, and protect individuals, enterprises, and internet infrastructure from exploitation whenever possible. We work closely with researchers who communicate vulnerabilities to us.


How to report a security vulnerability

To report a security vulnerability that impacts LifeLock products or services, please send an email to

To expedite verification of your finding, please provide the following information on your initial communication:

  • Date the vulnerability was observed
  • Description of the vulnerability
  • Location of the vulnerability (e.g. URL, domain, etc.)
  • Instructions to duplicate the vulnerability (this can be written steps, a video of screen captures detailing proof of concept)

The submitted vulnerability will be reviewed to verify the finding.


Mitigation and remediation of findings

If the submitted vulnerability is confirmed as valid, Symantec will move forward with providing remediation or mitigation of the issue depending on the type, severity, and impact.



Symantec is committed to addressing and resolving security vulnerabilities. We work with reporters to review, validate, and mitigate security issues that are reported pursuant to the responsible disclosure guidelines.